Loving reading "Beautiful Creatures" on my Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch!





Hey everyone,


     I just transitioned from using the FREE NOOK App on myMacBook to my NOOK Simple Touch reader and the benefits are fantastic!


The first benefit of using a NST, is its crisp paper-like display.  You don't have that blaring  bright computer screen tiring your eyes out.


Other benefits include the ability to resize text, highlight and take notes, and a build in we bster's dictionary should you ever need one.


This reader allows you to read your eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers with ease. You can also synchonize your reading across multiple devices. So for example, you can have your laptop and your NOOK synched so you can start reading on one device and then continue on another.  That way, you don't have to scroll through pages trying to find where you left off. (Also has bookmarking function too.)


You can store up to 1000 eBooks on your NOOK Simple Touch, and can add memory to it to store even more through MicroSD cards.


All of this for a very affordable price of $79 and available at your local Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  (Full disclosure here, I do indeed work for Barnes & Noble.)


If you are looking for something inexpensive to help conserve shelf space, and transition into digital reading, then a NOOK Simple Touch is a cool bet!